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I paid $25 for overnight shipping, and they used regular shipping, yet still charged for overnight. They even lied about their using regular shipping, even though the USPS website AND their email (!) said they were using regular shipping.

Additionally, they also took forever to ship (about a week). Really really poor customer service. The representative said I'd get the difference in shipping costs (about $20), but they should have totally comped shipping costs. He was incredibly eager to hang up and did not even apologize!

Horrible vendor. Do not use.

It's a bad sunglass/eyewear shop - I recommend looking elsewhere.

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I too have become the latest victim of this scam the transaction was done through peter oz to whom i doubt is even his real name. the transaction was conducted on 1/31/2013 and it is now near the end of feb, 2013 and still no response.

so i finally gave them a call this morning that lady the so called "manager" was very rude and hung up on me quite a few times. So i called from a different number and she told me that she was going to report to the police that i am harassing her. She also stated that the address on their website was fake. I sent them a moneygram money order for $250 for a pair of cazal sunglasses and theres no way for me to get my refund because the money order has been cashed on 2/8/2013 i just found out through money gram and eyewear town told me that they were still waiting for it to clear.

which raised a double red flag for me. I've been calling them everyday for the past 2 weeks and ealier this week i noticed that same rude lady was the only one answering the phone on both the #0 operator extension and #3 customer service extension. if only i would have read these comments before and did my research like i normally would i would'nt be posting this comment today. All i have to say is BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!

This company is a major fraud and should be reported to the BBB. EyeWear town is a major SCAM.

No more online shopping for me i'm done with it.


I ordered last night. read this site the next day...they called while I was sweating bullets at this *** order that I had placed.

They called me during this time to tell me that the frames I liked were discontinued. I was able to cancle the order. The rep was very persistant that I take a display model.

No thanks and click. Thanks for posting this site!!!!


I ordered on 5/28/2011 a pair of prescription eyeglasses Versace 1122B # 1002. When I recieved them on June 14th I couldn't see through them.

I called and asked what I needed to do to get them fixed. The sales rep. was rude and said it was probably my fault. I took them to my eye doctor- My Eye Wear Town failed to put in the correct prescription.

Peter Oz (another sales rep) told me to send them back (at my expense) and they would correct the mistake. I sent them back and waited for them to be fixed and returned. When I received them the second time the prescription was still wrong. I took them to my eye doctor again and they confirmed it was still the wrong lenses prescription.

At this point I asked if I could just return the incorrect lenses to them and just keep the frames- asking them to refund only the $$ I paid for the lenses. Peter Oz assured me that they would make it right if given one more chance. I was also told by their operator #103 that if by the third time it wasn't correct- we were entitled to a full refund and postage reimbursement. So ...

I sent them back one more time. Finally on July 22nd (almost 2 months later) I receive the glasses. I still can't read words with them and the right arm of the frame is also flawed (scratched). I'm guessing the flaw must be from all the "fixing" the frames have gone though.

I called the company today and was informed by Tina (manager) that "to bad to sad." She says I will not get a refund- it's my problem.

I did as comment #27 advised- I contacted the BBB and filed a complaint.


Unfortunately, I am now a victim of these scam artists! I have experienced all of the same things as the other comments.

Placed order on May 19th, it is now July 22nd and still no frames. I was told that they have not been manufactured yet. I just got off the phone with a lady who claims to be the owner, nothing but RUDE! She hung up on me, continually interrupted me, and finally agreed to cancel my order but with a 20% restocking fee!

If they do not even have my glasses what are they restocking? DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!


DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! They did not ship my order when they said they would and when it arrived, it was not what I ordered.

I am now told by the company that they are charging me a 20% re-stocking fee to return what they sent me.

When I called to ask for return number (which one needs to make a return), they sales staff were quite frankly hostile and it took several emails for them to send it to me. My experience with this company has been disappointing and stressful.


Everything already posted abive is correct. I have stopped payment on my Amex and am contacting the better business bureau.

I am also forwarding all these comments to Amex in hopes that they will discontinue doing business with these scam artists. The "manager" Marina is horrible and rude, and now that I have complained, they won't even pick up my phone call.


I wasn't going to post anything on the MANY sites I see, but today when the lady at eyeweartown yelled at me and then hung up on me when I called back I more than motivated to educate others about this company. I ordered my glasses almost ONE YEAR ago and I'm still trying to receive a refund because I never received the product.

If anyone should be yelling it should be me, but I've been too patient and polite.

I encourage everyone to file a complaint with Better Business Bureau. No one deserves to be yelled at for a company's incompetency.


I'm from South Africa. EyeWearTown lied to me by saying I should buy frames from them which they did not have stock of (even after confirming with them first), was ecceptionaly rude and insulted me for asking (in a polite way) for an explanation.

Save yourself the trouble, effort and disappointment by avoiding this merchant!


In 3 weeks they were unable to provide me with information about the status of my order. All I get is how great their company is and that their lab cannot be rushed. I am going to ask Visa to return my money right after the Holidays.


I ordered a pair of Alain Mikli frames (with prescription lenses) from Eyeweartown. Received a call from an employee indicating everything was fine with the order, but she had to "verify" my credit card information.

Received an email three days later stating my lenses had been made but my frames were "defective" and I had to choose something different. The email stated--even at this early stage prior to anything being shipped to me--that I would have to pay for the lenses because they had been cut. I responded stating I was only interested in the particular frame and colour that I ordered. Received another email indicating I had to choose something else.

I refused and stated I would be contacting my credit card company for a full refund as the vendor was unable/unwilling to fill my order as requested.

Amazingly, eyeweartown refunded my credit card in full. I believe the company is a scam, and I encourage everyone to avoid them.


I purchased a Prada reading eyeglasses but was unable to reach them and all my emails to them got returned - and my gut feeling was telling me that this is not right so I stopped my credit card! They are seriously SICK and a big scam! So i canceled my order by force!


Yup!!!! totally scam..

i purchased and oakley sunglass... 193.00 dollars... 48 years to arrive..

im losing hope. not if it will come or not...


I wish had read all these reports, he asked to fax a copy of my card to prove it was really mine before they could process the purchase. I emailed him back to say cancel the purchase and reported the incident to my bank and cancelled my card.

I'm now worried about that 20% charge which I will not pay.

But can anyone suggest the next steps to me? This has never happened to me before.

Do I just delete and ignore the emails? I've reported them to my local consumer association in Australia.


They lie about the MSRP also. They jack it up so they can charge more for this "discount."


Everything that is written about this company is right on the money (which they got). This guy has 3 companies (I know about)with different names. Buyer beware!!!


This company sounds like another bogus company run by the sociopathic Tony Russo of New Jersey. He also runs as well as

He takes your money and then abuses you once you complain about not receiving your order. His only stock are the glasses he steals from the customers that send in their own frames to have replaired.

He is more of a mental patient than anything else and should be investigated for fraud as well as a host of other crimes, no doubt.


:( I totally agree. This eye wear town is a fake!

Do not order from this website! I have ordered a pair of glasses which they withdrawal my money out of my account and never ship it to me.

I was really upset about it and called my bank for investigation and got my money back. They should close down this website and should never be post up ever again!!


Thank you so much for posting your comments. I almost paid $498.49 for pair of Cartier frames for my husband.

You have saved me! I wish you all the best of luck.


I placed an order on a pair of Chanel sunglasses 2 weeks ago. I paid $15 for 3 day shipping.

I have not gotten a single email saying that they are delayed. I have called the 1800 everyday and they said that they had to order the sunglasses from overseas from "Chanel".

I wish I had read the reports earlier because I would never have gone ahead and purchased them. Not sure what to do now...


This is NOT a real company. It is just a one man...(or boy)...

operation. The scam is to take your order then wait for you to cancel and charge you the twenty percent fee.

Just that simple. Be NOT use this company, you WILL NOT receive your order, just loose your money!!

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