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All of these complaints are 100% true. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MERCHANT!!!

Horrible,unprofessional, and nasty people working at this company, including the "manager" who doesn't even deserve that title. I purchased a pair of Chanel sunglasses from them, on layaway, they took a while to receive and when they were received they were broken all distorted, would not fit on my face OR any human beings face for that matter. I called and complained about the situation, after arguing with them they did send me a new pair, again the shipping took forever and when finally received once again SAME problem. I called and spoke to the manager who was SOO incredibly nasty and rude to me,he told me that I BROKE the sunglasses and that its too bad he will not refund my money this is the 2nd pair they have sent me.

I paid $350 for these glasses which is a lot of money.

This company SUCKS i hope it goes out of business and i hope all the nasty incompetent,condescending losers that work here loose their jobs and go broke. Your better off buying from a sunglasses hut or even EBay as the customer service is 100% better.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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I agree, the business is a sham. I purchased an eyeglass frame for $100± based on misinformation from customer service then they refused to return it.

Don't believe a word they say, and make sure you get everything in writing. Entrapment is their modus operandi.

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